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October's Blogger Beauty Box

Hello again everyone,

As you may (or may not) know that last month I managed to get my hands on my first Blogger beauty box - I'll leave a link to that post if you would like to have a read
So today's post is about what I got in my October Box! So grab a cuppa and a biscuit (or a packet - no judgement here) and enjoy!

So here it is - the contents of this box come to over £100 (that's insane) and again the box is only £10.00 (for bloggers only). I was very excited to see so many skincare products in this months box as I didn't have a wide range but now I do! If you are a blogger and would like to get your hands on a Blogger Beauty Box then you can register here

The first thing I picked up was this little tub from John Gosnell, it's their Original Vitamin E Cream. This is a sample size but I have been using it for the past week and there's just under half left so I am getting plenty of time to try it out. I really like the smell of this and after applying it to my face it leaves it feeling so fresh and plump. If you would like to see more from John Gosnell then you can find that here

Next up is the only make up product (which doesn't bother me as the majority of beauty boxes are stuffed with make up and it's nice to have a change every now and then) is a Blush from Xenca in the shade Rose. Thankfully this is the perfect shade for me and I have been trying it out for the past few days and it just gives me a nice natural colour to my cheeks. When using it there's not a lot of fallout which you can get with blushes so I really liked that (plus the size of the blush - there's so much product). I actually really like the packaging of this too - it's in a durable cardboard like box thing - it's a nice change from plastic! You can get this on their website for £17.95 and if you'd like to find out more about Xenca and their range you can find that here

This is the product that I was actually pleased to see, it's from Puriskin and it's their resurfacing formula for face and body. This helps the appearance of so many things - age spots, blemishes, burns, stretch marks and the list continues! I actually have a scar on my hand from a couple of years ago, I was making a batch of toffee late one night and in the crucial beating process a large amount came up and over the pan and went on my hand - ouch! It ended up with me being treated for third degree burns - the toffee was still the best batch I'd ever made- anyway (blether blether blether). I am now left with a scar across my hand which in the colder months stands out a lot so I'm excited to use this on it to see if it reduces the appearance of it. This tube is £13.99 and you can find out more about it here

Next up is a very luxurious product from Elizabeth grant, it's her Supreme Essence of Torricelumn. This is well fancy! I've been applying a few precious drops onto my hands then into my face, day and night before moisturising and it's been making my skin feel amazing. On the website it states that it "designed to transform skin so it looks younger, more radiant, more luminous, and more beautiful.  It helps to dramatically reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, even out skin imperfections with remarkable speed, make skin feel silky smooth and more resilient. Ultra-light, fast absorbing with incomparable anti-ageing properties" now that claims to do a lot of things but so far so good! You can get this for $99.60 here

Last but not least is a Organic Facial Cleansing oil by Pink and Green Cosmetics. Now i have never used an oil before but I have been using this when my face has been feeling a bit rubbish and when it looks like it needs a pick me up. I take a couple of drops and gently massage it into my face and neck then wash it off with a face cloth and it just leaves my face feeling very clean! This is a sample size but there is still a lot of product so I can't complain! You can get two different sizes of bottles here and you can also get a muslin cloth too which I'd quite like to try out - I think it would be a lot more gentle on my skin over a face cloth.

 So that is October's Blogger Beauty Box - again - I'm exceptionally pleased with my box. There's a lot of brands that I was unaware of but now I'm a fan, Hopefully I can get a November box.

Have you used any of these products before?

'Till next time ...

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