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About Me

I'm Sarah a twenty something Lifestyle Blogger from Aberdeen. During the day you can find me in a hard hat and other fantastically fashionable PPE at my day job in the Oil and Gas. The rest of my time is split being a mum to sassy little thing (a sassy little thing we like to call April) and a feisty fiancé to a great man named Sam. In between all of that I am blogging away and sleeping (occasionally).

I'm a lover of all things Beauty, Fashion and Food - all of the food! I'm a sporadic blogger as I can't promise posts to be up on the same days every week - unfortunately life laughs in the face of plans. But I do try my best to have a few posts up each week.

I like to think of myself as an upbeat person so everything here on my spot of the internet is what I like. I welcome sponsored posts and collaborations with open arms but all views are my own - I'm not going to blog and promote something I don't like - that's just me! I like to keep things personal and sometimes ramble on at 100 miles per hour, do say Hi - if you can catch me!

(P.S You will catch me, I'm not fast, unless I'm away to miss a bus or the ice cream van. In those cases you can find me usain-bolting it down the road).

Twitter: @blogsvlogsetc
Instagram: @blogsvlogsetc

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