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Hello Again

In the words of Adele (and Lionel) Hello,

Who hasn't went crazy over Adele's new song - I have been listening to it non-stop! But Anyway, Hello Again, Oh I haven't typed that in a while! I have been missing in action for a little bit, I've just had a couple of things that have been keeping me busy, and I actually considered calling it a day on BlogsVlogsEtc (should probably change my name though as I don't really vlog anymore) but I have been missing it - so I'm Back!! And I'm so glad to be back.

So for my first post back I thought I'd catch you up on all that's been happening! Let's get the boring bit out of the way - Work. Work has been the usual stuff (meh) but a girl did start in my department and honestly now it's like we've known each other for years! I actually can't get rid of her (HELP). April turned 3 on October 24th, she was spoilt rotten and I was super duper emotional! We organised her a party - with a lot of help from my Mum -  a Mermaid Pirate Party and thankfully it all turned out brilliantly. All her little friends came from her nursery and the whole family was there, plenty of food, plenty of fun and even a cheeky bouncy castle (which I wasn't allowed on because it was just for kids - sad face).

What else has been happening? Oh, Halloween how could I forget?? First things first (I'm a realist - never gets old) I won Party Lite UK's Halloween collection on HannahHeartss giveaway (if you don't read Hannah's blog then you need to stop right now and click here! hannahheartss) When the box arrived I was so excited to see so much candles! There was a box of tea lights coloured bright green and purple and they smelled of the collections scent which was called Hocus Pocus Abracadabra, a Box of candles which was the Autumn Glow scent which smells a little like Christmas (eek 7 weeks and counting), two little votive's with colourful sugar skulls on them and the big beauty of them all, the Ginormous double wicked Hocus Pocus Abracadabra - this is honestly one of the best smelling candles I've ever smelled in my life. It's very fresh with coconut and citrus scents - but I'm going to do a full review on them so keep your peepers peeped! We took April out Trick or treating, she got all dressed up as a cat with a lovely sparkly dress with a cat on it and she sat and let me do some (squiggly) eyeliner and some little whiskers. All in all we had a great Halloween.

Also on Thursday we took April down to Aberdeen Beach with my Dad to see the fireworks, Aberdeen's display was really good again, we've went for the past few years and it never disappoints (even when it's raining which in Aberdeen is pretty much every time) April loved the sparklers and we actually have some left so we might let her do some more in our garden, she also loved jumping in the puddles while the fireworks were going off! It was also actually Sam's first time going down to the beach for the display so he thoroughly enjoyed it too!

So that is pretty much all that has been happening since I've been gone (who sung Kelly Clarkson's song there?! You know you did). So I am going to keep up my Blog as I did truly miss it and I actually enjoy doing it! I have also got a good few things I want to blog about including lots and lots of Christmas posts!! I'll pop a few photos from the past few weeks down below and I will be back on Tuesday with my October Favourites!

So 'Till next time ...

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