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Lash Lift Experience at Pure Spa | Review, AD

You know what's great? A good pamper and that's exactly what I got when I visited Pure Spa in Aberdeen. I was asked along to receive one of their many beauty treatments available and I went for a Lash Lift as I have quite straight stubby lashes plus I have only ever had a lash tint before and the results weren't that dramatic so I was holding out for big results.

Upon arrival I was treated like a VIP and after admiring the nail bar and the multiple varnishes I was introduced to my therapist Agga and shown to my treatment room. The smell in this room was divine, I have no idea what it was but that mixed with the therapeutic music I was transported to an idyllic paradise. Lying on the treatment bed Agga spoke through every single state of my Lash Lift, from a cleanse, to the silicone pads to the treatment itself and as someone who has never had this before it was good to know exactly what was happening. So how does a lash lift work? Well first of all you choose the size of the curl you want from small, medium and large. I chose medium and I would again. A silicone pad is placed on the lid and it helps lift each lash individually, helping them to look voluminous! Your lashes are stuck to the silicone pad for about 40 minutes, the pad gives a heavy feeling on the eyelid but it's in no way painful (it actually helped me relax more). Your eyes have to stay shut for the full treatment and that's probably why I caught some cheeky z's.

Once the treatment was on my lashes I was treated to a hand and arm massage and it was so relaxing and the perfect treat after having a busy day which started manically at 6 o'clock! After what I think was a quick one minute snooze with no snoring whatsoever (I really hope I didn't snore) my massage was over and it was time to remove the pads and reveal my luscious lashes!

Looking in the mirror I could totally see a difference but Agga did tell me that the results would be much grander after 24 hours and she was not wrong. After a day of having nothing on my lashes I was so ready to pop on that mascara and BANG, my eyelashes were almost touching my eyebrows (slight exaggeration but that's how I felt) they were so elongated and separated. I love them! You can see the results below in my before and after pictures, to start with they were curled but there wasn't much to work with but now I know I won't be grabbing for any false lashes any time soon!

If you've ever thought about a Lash Lift then I say go for it, I have had so many compliments and it has opened up my eyes! You will honestly be treated so well at Pure Spa, the staff are amazing and so attentive - I can't wait to head back and start ticking my way through the list of their treatments! You can find everything abut Pure Spa here and everything they have on offer!
This treatment was gifted to me, but like always all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. My colleague got this done yesterday and she will not stop fluttering them. They look incredible! I am always scared to do stuff to my eyelashes because I used to have conjunctivitis and I lost my lashes at one point. I love the look but a little apprehensive.