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Filthy Gorgeous Blogger Brunch | Foodie Review

'Oh because you're filthy, mmm and your nasty' this is the song that was going through my mind when I was on my way to a Blogger's Brunch at the new Burger Joint in town - only this isn't like your regular burger joint - this is something special, it's Filthy Gorgeous!

Filthy Gorgeous is the brain child of Darren Blackburn who lives his life commuting from Edinburgh to Glasgow to Aberdeen. He has previous experience in all walks of restaurant life, from pizza hut, to Rosette achieved restaurants. He wanted to bring the dirty burger to Aberdeen but he wanted to put his own spin on it and you really can tell this by looking at the menu, the little touches of marshmallows with fries (yes, you read that right) or the addition of cereal in with the burgers! But the interior is not that of a dive bar, it's indie, kitch and very unique with the addition of a photo booth!

I really liked the wood against the stone wall, it made it very homely. I also really liked the addition of the little games that you can play while you're diving into a monster burger - cards against humanity, it's one of my favourite card games, not for the uptight!

It's almost time for what you all want to see and read about - the food! But first, lets talk drinks. At Filthy Gorgeous you have a selection of craft beers, draught beer (pabet blue ribbon schooner a good old red neck beer). Batch cocktails which are pre-mixed but shaken upon order, shots (because who doesn't like the sound of their 'coco the pineapple whisperer' - grilled pineapple with coconut tequila) a decent wine list and ding ding ding - my winner, the Milkshakes! 

There are four milkshakes to choose from:

Blueberry Bluffin' - blueberry jam, ice cream and blueberries
Moopocalypse - Chocolate fudge, milk, chocolate ice cream, topped with crumbled brownies
Bacon my maple - candied bacon, maple syrup, milk, vanilla ice cream
Strawberry street walker - Strawberries, milk, strawberry ice cream, candy sprinkles

... of course I went for the Moopocalypse and just look at it (insert drool emoji face).

Now for the food. They have a vast range of burgers which even the description of them, make my mouth water! Let me tell you a few of my favourites then I'll tell you all about what I had. (bt-dubs, there's a reason there's kitchen roll on the tables instead of napkins - jus' sayin').

Beer Belly - beer cheese sauce, maple glazed pork belly, pickled onion monster munch, gorgeous sauce & a sparklers (yes a sparkler).
Tupork Shakur - bacon, swiss cheese, baconaisse sprinkled with frazzles.
Cheat Day - double filthy burger, filthy fried chicken, gorgeous sauce, bacon shrapnel, pretzels, franks buffalo sauce.

Hungry yet? I chose the 'dirty south' which is buttermilk fried chicken, chipotle mayo, honey nut cherries and BBQ sauce. OH MY GOODNESS - this was incredible. The chicken was some of the best chicken I've ever had, that topped with the chipotle (which does have a bit of a kick) and the honey nut cheerios - incredible! Hats off to the person who chose that combo!

Obviously I couldn't just have a burger, especially when they have fries served with marshmallow and bacon shrapnel! This is a very strange sounding combination, but here they are! It was sweet potato fries served with the sugary goodness but as I'm not a fan of sweet potato I just put some on my regular fries and it was a sugar and crisp meaty fusion - Incredible. I need to recreate this in my house - stat!

Here's some more shots of the fries along with fellow blogger Hannah's (granite city girl) choice, 'I dream of weenie'. Wait for this, frostie (yes as in the breakfast cereal) crusted Chicago style smoked beef frank, cheese fondue with maple onions! It looked so great and Hannah had no complaints!

Now you're probably thinking 'Sarah, surely after all of that you must not have any room for desert' Err Wrong! They just have too many great options, it would of been rude not to give one of them a try. One stood right out to me but it was a close call between what I had and the Bacon Glazed donuts, served with cinnamon ice cream sprinkled with lucky charms! But I went for the Dead Unicorn Sundae! (ready for the run down?!)

Dead Unicorn Sundae - Jack and chocolate ice cream, a scoop of bitter cherry sorbet, Parisian fairy floss, marshmallows, banana, magic sprinkles and a sugar cone.

Voila! This was truly incredible. A cone filled with fairy floss surrounded by cream, marshmallows and sprinkles. A whole banana hidden underneath, then a tasty scoop of cherry sorbet and then a hit of jack and chocolate - this was the best ending to what was an epic brunch!

I cannot wait to go back and I will be, because I have one jealous fiancé. Thank you so much to Darren for inviting me along and for telling us the story behind Filthy Gorgeous, also to the very attentive staff - you have something really special on your hands!

You can find Filthy Gorgeous at Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen


  1. Yum! All looks really good, love the sound of the sweet potato fries & marshmallows! Also Bacon my Maple sounds an intriguing choice for a milkshake so would have to go for that one. Looks really nice inside too, will have to go there soon xx

    The Life of Dee

    1. They were something else!! Oooh if you do go and order that milkshake let me know how it is! Thanks for commenting. X

  2. Looks and sounds epic! I'm planning to go with some friends soon. You know I'm ordering anything that comes with a sparkler! ;)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

    1. Of course, why would you order something without one?! Thanks for the comment x