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What's your style? | Bon Accord Summer Style 16

Hello Again!

The other week I was invited along to the Bon Accord Centre in Aberdeen with some fellow bloggers to see what the stores have in for their Summer Style 2016! It was great walking around the centre just us and getting to have a chat with the different brands.

My favourite clothing store New Look was there and I enjoyed seeing what they had in store for Summer. I love their sunglasses so much so that I have a pair of the green bug eye lens. They also have some great handbags and cute little backpacks.

Monsoon is a shop I like to have a gander in mainly for accessorize and for some bits and bobs for April but they also have a beautiful Wedding range. April is going to be a flower girl for the first time so it was good seeing what they had on offer.

This little blue dress really caught my eye for her flower girl dress and this colour block skirt in Lovely - what?1 I need an outfit too!

Onto some beauty brands, we got to see the new collections from Dior, Clarins, Clinique just to name a few. Some that really stands out for me is the scent that was politely hovering around the Dior table and that was the smell of their new perfume Poison girl - I am obsessed! No. 7 also have these really bright lip balms - the coral - peachy one looks really beautiful!

It was really good being able to see these sticks in the 'flesh' because I've heard so much about them swatched on the back of my hand they are a good formula and pretty good coverage! Chubby in the Nude is also a fantastic name! 

Benefit also had a table full of goodies and I got to see the new Hoola instant tan and I have to say even for not being a tan lover, it looked pretty good! 10/10 for the packaging too, it's got it's own hoola skirt! (sorry there is not a photo the table was pretty crowded).

One of my favourite skincare brands was there and they have their new Rose and Cedrat fragrance of their Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

We then headed upstairs where John Lewis put on a little fashion show for us. The girls were great, wearing clothes from all different brands even whistles. It was great t see a different variety of clothing, from Cutlottes to Coats - In this weather you never really know how to dress, especially here in Aberdeen. They all had their make up done by Bobbi Brown and they either had a smokey eye and a nude lip or a subtle eye and a bright lip! They were all also sporting a bag by Coach. My budget doesn't really go that far, I bloody wish it did because take a look at this beautiful backpack! Isn't it just lovely?! 

Thank you to the team at the Bon Accord Centre for inviting me along, it was a great night - I now have a lust list as long as Union Street! Also thank you to all the brands that participated as they made us all feel very welcome!

If you're in or around the Aberdeen area you should head to the Bon Accord and see what the different stores have for this summer, I'm sure you'll find some beauties!

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