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My top five people to Follow on Instagram | Love List

I did a post like this back last year and I wanted to do it again because I feel the Insta game has been switched up massively and so many people are killin' it! So here are My Top five people that I have fallen head over heels with.

Hannah Gale. I was actually speaking to one of my friends the other day and Hannah popped up in conversation, she has mentioned that she fan girled a little when she was retweeted by her (I have my very own fan girl moments, don't we all?) and this made me want to head on over to instagram to see what beauties she's been posting. Hannah's insta feed is full of beautiful outfit of the day pics with her trusty accessory - her smile. It's a bright, happy feed that makes you just want make them likes rain down on it.

Estee Lalonde. After reading her book, Bloom, in just under two days between Christmas and New Year I have fallen in love with her Canadian voice and her sunny outlook on life which is totally portrayed on her instagram. If she's not sharing photos of her beautiful home then it's probably going to be either her loveable dog, Reggie or the love of her life, Aslan. In between those glimpses into her flipping fantastic life she likes to share her grand cacti, her love of cute jumpers (and sleeves) as well as smiling selfies!

Holly Booth. I have been following Holly for a while now and it's safe to say she really does have an eye for photography. I love the clean structure to her photos, there's something really minimalistic about them even if there's a lot going on. Flatlay queen, Frenchie lover and interior goal setter! Spending a short amount of time scrolling through her feed will make you want to re-decorate, sign up to that photography course and buy a Frenchie! (I mean if you don't fall in love with Remi then do you even have a heart?!).

Megan Ellaby. I have such a girl crush on Megan and I'm not even afraid to say it. If you feel like you need a Fashion fix in your life then look no further. Megan is a fashion forward trend setter but bringing back some 60's glam as she does it. She is the perfect example of fashion having no boundaries and I applaud her for that. She shares pics of her extensive wardrobe, incredible food and photos of her other half George. Also loving seeing all her New York travels right now!

Ella Masters. Last but certainly not least. Ella is that rock chic that we all have living inside us. I love her outlook on life and she is an incredibly talented artist. I love the attention to detail she puts into her commissions and her work area is just 'uhh'. Also every time she posts a pic of her stunning tattoo's it makes me want to get another.

There we have it, my top five people that you should be following over on Instagram! Let me know who would make your top five!


  1. All my faves too! Also love Liv Purvis for her pastel-perfect feed! And yours!


    1. Yes her instagram is perfectly pastel! Thanks for your comment :) x