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Linton and Mac's 1st Birthday Bash!

Gin, great food, awesome interiors and some 90's troll dolls? Sound interesting? Well you would have loved celebrating Linton and Mac's first birthday!

Linton and Mac is a style sensation in the heart of Aberdeen city. They have an amazing array on offer from nails, make up and anything hair related! Have a look and see what they have on offer - I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find something that interests you!

Linton and Mac have now been open for one year and their success has been enormous - you could just tell by the turnout to their birthday bash! Upon arrival we were greeted by balloons bigger than my head and the beaming smile of one of the creative directors, Joanna. We were welcomed into the salon that just oozed everything aesthetically pleasing to the eye (especially a bloggers eye), the ceiling was covered in balloons with little troll dolls hanging with their bare butts on show (cheeky), barrel bins full of ice and some very fierce beer (from fierce beer obvs), cupcakes, donuts and oh so much more including a 'Boost your bubble bar' with everything that you could think of adding into your prosecco and so much more. There was also a window sill covered in Porter's Gin (I totally think I'm that old lady off of the Lidl advert speaking about the teabags but turning around saying 'I don't like tea, I like gin' - keeping it classy). There was bottle upon bottle on gin, lemon slices, strawberries - basically they hooked up gin! It was great!

Other than the milky ways and throwback bags of crisps scattered around they also a cotton candy machine from Candy Creations - nothing makes me smile more than some glorious spun sugar on a stick (ok my daughter on the daily, but you know it's candy floss). There was also these scrumptious cupcakes - Looking at them they just look like a standard cupcake - oh no no, at the bottom of the vanilla topped cupcake was a jammy dodger and at the bottom of the chocolate topped ones was a cookie! Hello!

Overall the party was really cool and such a success, there was great music and I was surrounded by some of my favourite people - shout out to all you Aberdeen bloggers!

As soon as payday hits I will be booking myself into get my hair all done, maybe even my nails!

Thanks to all the staff and everyone who helped make the day and thanks for having me at your birthday party!

You can find Linton and Mac at 18-20 Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen.

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