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Live Adventurously with Go Ape

I'm not the most spontaneous or adventurous person but when I got invited back to do the Go Ape course at Crathes Castle it took me about 12 minutes to scramble the 'tribe' and get it all booked!

Sam, his sister, brother and myself all did the course last year which you can read all about my first impression here (the video is a must watch for the shaky footage alone - it was when I climbed my first tree that I realised that I was scared of heights!). 

Go Ape have 31 locations all across the UK and counting and they have just celebrated their 15th Birthday ( ... happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you). They have 3 locations in Scotland, Aberfoyle home to two of Britain's longest zip-wires, Peebles with some of the highest zip-wires over reservoirs and Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire located in 240 hectares of luscious countryside with an incredible skateboard infused zip-wire!

One of Go Ape's most frequently asked questions is 'What is a tree top Adventure?"

It is two to three hours of fun and adventure including a safety demonstration by an experienced member of the tribe, a practise run making sure that you know what to do with what and to learn the key instruction 'always stay attached'. Once that's all done and you feel ready to hit the course you're free to swing till your hearts content.

As this was my second time doing the course I felt a little bit better but still hella nervous but I went through the course like it didn't phase me (inside I was exhilarated and terrified). The Skateboard zip-wire was a total fail for me, it went from under my feet and everyone laughed but I gave it a bash. My favourite part of the entire course is the final zip-wire - it's one of the longest on the course and you fly over one of the paths in the castle grounds - it's one of the best feelings I've ever felt in my life! Don't get me wrong, it's definitely not a walk in the park, it's a full work out that requires a lot of body strength and mental strength but don't worry - I am not the fittest person and if I can do it then I'm sure you can too!

If you are wanting to have the Go Ape experience then I have a couple of helpful tips for you:

  • Wear Gloves - it can be tough on your hands, you can pick up a pair from the Go Ape hut for £3.50 and they have the anti-slip grip dots on them - very helpful!
  • Wear clothes that you're comfortable in and that you don't mind getting dirty because when you  are landing a zip-wire you have no idea which way you're going to land.
  • Have fun - don't let any fears you have get in the way, put them to the back of your mind and live, adventurously!

I took another little video of our time in the trees, it's quite shaky and understandably so but I hope you enjoy it and hopefully it spurs you on to book your visit!



  1. Great post Sarah! Love the video - wish I had the guts to do it:-)

    1. Hello Ladies!! Thank you very much for your comment. You should both do it, it's exhilarating! Bloody hard going on the muscles but it's worth the feeling! Xx