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Christmas Gift Guide featuring The Treasured | Gift Guide 2016

Ho! Ho! Hello!

It's nearing the end of November and I'm finally feeling festive! I am normally the person irritatingly jingling my bells at the sign of the last Trick or Treater in October but not so much this year, well up until some lovely parcels arrived on my doorstep. 

Today's post is a Gift Guide exclusively from The Treasured. The Treasured is an independent online shop run by the amazing Laura, which sell lots of things such as homewares, hand crafted cards to jewellery all from British designers. Along with the focus on promoting the talent of British makers and designers they also aim to provide affordable products that are less than £50 with the majority of products being less than £20 - this is a great plus for this time of year - especially when you have a large family like I do. I also think that your friends and family would much prefer something unique and with a personalised touch over the standard 'smelly' set that does the rounds every year.

Take a look at what I chose from the shop, it's a perfect selection for a special woman in your life, whether that's your sister, girlfriend, mum or even yourself! 

Merry Christmas Gold Lettered Press Card by Sarah and Maude £3.00

When it comes to Christmas cards I like to stick with a simplistic yet elegant design and this is just that! The photo doesn't show this very well but the card is actually dimpled to create a snow effect.

I bloody love this mug! You can choose from four adorable winter animals, a Cat, Pug, Fox or a Pug - each one out in the snow - so cute! You can also personalise the other side of the mug with anything you would like. I stuck with the quote that is on the website as it was perfectly festive.

'May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love'

She Believed she could Print by Old English Company £14.00

I have seen this quote everywhere and it's a fab little mantra. This would look great hanging in someones office (mine) just as a little reminder that if you strongly believe that you can do something, you more than likely can - great quality card too!

Origami Planes Medium Cotton Pouch by Sparrow and Wolf £17.00

This would make a great makeup bag - definitely more aesthetically pleasing that half of the ones I've had. The fabric is of great quality and the pom pom is just the cherry on the 'cake'.

So if you're looking for a fantastic present to really put a smile on someones face then take a look on The Treasured, there really is something on there for everyone. If you do and would like a cheeky 15% discount then just enter BLOGSVLOGSETC at the checkout and voila!

This post includes a gifted product but I am not blowing smoke up anywhere - these products are beautiful and I may not even give them to anyone this Christmas - I may just keep them!

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  1. Awww everything is so lovely, I adore the little mug! I will definitely check out this company, everything looks so sweet and thoughtful :D great review! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)