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Interview a Blogger Introduction | Blog Series

Hello Again!!

Today's post is just going to be a little announcement of my new little project, Interview a Blogger. Now I feel like I have to say this, there's a lot of shade being thrown around especially on twitter about people copying others etc etc. Now I know I'm not the first person to do this (but I'm also not the only person to do a lush haul ..) but I think it's a great idea for myself and others to get to know more bloggers better (plus it's a whole blog post about you and your blog - how could that be a bad thing?).

I've had a bigger positive response than I thought I was going to get so I have decided I will be starting it on Saturday the 16th of January and it will be every Saturday from there until I run out of willing bloggers!! So if you'd be interested in being interviewed send me an email ( I'm so excited to get this started!

'Till next time ...

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