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Union Square Summer Food Fest | Prezzo Review

Hello Again,

If you live in or near Aberdeen then you will be familiar with the shopping centre Union Square! Well their Summer Food Fest is in full swing so if you want to get your hands on some amazing deals and some delectable food then the Union Square PLUS app has you covered! From July 4th to August 15th they have some fantastic deals on some yummy food from a whole heap of participating restaurants such as Zizzi, Handmade Burger co, Carlucci's and many more!

Just head to the App Store and download the Union Square PLUS app to see all the deals and then get your backside down to Union Square and enjoy! Also if you can make it down there tonight by 6pm head to the Menu Bar in the Main Atrium (near the train station) and get your hands on some free samples of the best food available in Union Square! - Last night we went down and saw the Menu Bar in the main Atrium and there were stacks of delicious burgers from Handmade Burger co - don't miss out!

To celebrate the Summer Food Fest I was invited along with Sam and April to taste some of what Prezzo had to offer. We were greeted by the manager who gave us an insight to the Restaurants history, it's background and also it's style which is something I like because you can go there for a romantic date or as a family - it's something for everyone.

Onto the food, we had a selection of starters which was some Garlic bread and some Mozzarella Carrozza.

For our mains April had a Tomato and Mozzarella pizza which she devoured in a matter of minutes, which means that she must of enjoyed it! Sam he chose the Spaghetti Carbonara which was full of crispy prosciutto, this is one of his favourites dishes and it did not disappoint. I went for the Penne Arrabbiata, which was penne pasta smothered in a chilli infused pomodoro sauce. This was quite spicy but very moreish.

The dessert menus made there way to us ardour choices were oh so good! April went for the simple yet trusted two scoops of ice cream whereas Sam and I chose a cheesecake option. He went for the White Peach and Ameretti, which had a light biscuit base, white peach cheesecake and was decorated with crushed Ameretti biscuits. I went for the Honeycomb Smash cheesecake which also have a light biscuit base but it has pieces of honeycomb blended in the cheesecake and had even more on top.

If you're looking for a restaurant in Aberdeen to wither take your other half to or your family then I recommend Prezzo as the food is to die for and the service is first class.

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  1. Those cheesecakes look so yummy! I've not been to Prezzo in ages, was one of my fave places to catch up with friends after work, pre children!